Coming from a medical background as a practising musculoskeletal physiotherapist for twenty-two years, I was introduced to Dr. E Manga at an evening talk that I attended with a friend. It challenged me to look at myself thoroughly and I realised that I needed to invest time in myself as I was burnt-out for various reasons, including the fact that I was grieving for a few very special people that had recently left my life. As terrified as I was, I knew that I needed to attend her “Foundations Breathwork” course.

And so, I was awakened to the magic and science of the Breath in 2017 through this course, offered and guided by Dr E Manga and Marj Murray, now called Breathwork Africa. It is here that my journey of self-discovery, through the breath, our authentic life force, was ignited. It then led me to continue with the academic and experiential studies of the breath through the advanced Practitioners’ course, which I have now completed in 2020.

I share an incredible desire now to educate and share with others the many ancient and wondrous techniques of the breath, so that they too, can find peace, rejuvenation and well-being. Today, we are fortunate enough to know that although the breath techniques are rooted in ancient practices, they are supported by science. The techniques have been explored and mastered for centuries, but the real miracle comes from the daily practices and unique experiences of the breath, that is available to everyone, should you be curious and willing to do the daily practices.

So why do we need breathwork?

We are living such a fast- paced existence, with instant gratification at the forefront, non-stop media and news, relaying all the crises of the world; a lot of adrenalized energy-based exercise programs, an era of doing MORE and yet “be-ing” and feeling LESS connected to ourselves and others; overly committed schedules, poor sleep and eating habits etc. All of which culminate in poor or less than optimal health, never-ending emotional and physical stress and resultant chronic diseases.

Yet no tools have been taught to find our own natural relaxation response, which we now know will support our lives, allow for healing, recuperation and repair. The Breath can do these things and more.


On a personal note, breathwork has taken my chaos in my life and dampened out the noise; for a long time now, I have allowed life to pass me by, not being full awake and or present within my own body and mind, too busy, too distracted to really connect with myself!
I read an article recently that said the “greatest loss is the loss of the connection to myself” and it really resonated in me.
The breath has led me back into really feeling my body, knowing where and how it moves or perhaps, where it doesn’t move too; it has showed me my negative chatter and false stories in my head and ignited the spirit of God / life back within me too, through the very real and physical sensations that I have experienced during all my sessions.

So, in summary I AM MAKING SPACE FOR MY INSPiRED LIFE through the breath.

What does a session look like?

The techniques range from the simple practice of breath awareness, to the rhythmic, controlled and conscious breathing exercises, followed by the more powerful and transformative, conscious-connected breathing practice. The various exercises that one can explore are a collective gathering of both old and new, spiritual and more recent academic / psychological teachings from all over the world. One can do daily self-practices at home or during daily activities as well as be guided in individual or group sessions by a breathworker.

Conscious- connected breathing session – THE PROCESS

The session begins with a welcome and pre-briefing in a safe and quiet setting, between the individual and or group and the breathworker allowing one to focus on the intention of the personal / group intention.
The session is done in a lying down position on yoga mats; some time will be spent tuning into the space, the environment and your bodies, by making use of all your senses.
Once ready, the breathworker can guide you through a series of different breathing rhythms, initiating your journey inwards to explore the depths of your essential spirit and to release and heal any issues that need attention or may surface in that particular time. This state provides an opening for a real awakening our true authentic self. During this time, the breathworker may use different evocative and relaxing music and placement of her hands on your different body parts, to support and ground your experience within your body, mind and spirit, allowing you to feel safe to anything that comes up.

The deepest transformational period of the session is once you move into a rhythm of continuous, connected breaths (what we call circular breaths), whereby there are no pauses between the inhale and exhale. During this period, different emotional states may emerge and you may find yourself holding your breath, so during this time of intense energies and vulnerability, the breathworker, will encourage you to breathe through these sensations. Thoughts may come and go, but try to be an observer of them, rather than getting stuck in them and return to the breath if this occurs.

As you breathe, more and more energy flows into your body and often blocks will start to surface. These blocks will manifest as physical sensations (heat, cold, shivering, intense tightness or energy, tingling etc.), emotional feelings, memories and thoughts.


After the cycle of release is over, you may have an overwhelming feeling of your authentic self; a blissful state, that transcended time and space, which may even be difficult to express in words.

Following the session, the breathworker conducts a gentle discussion that assists you to summarize the experience, discuss any insights and or understandings that you may have discovered. The quality and content of the experience will be unique to each person’s intentions, needs and particular life situation.
Breathing in this conscious connected manner will last for approximately an hour.

Once you have learnt to tap into this natural and ever-present energy resource, you can always take it with you and use it to support and guide one’s life choices and decisions, ease tensions in one’s body and mind when they arise, and live from a place of ultimate ENERGY AND ABUNDANCE. The breath returns the power back to your inner healer – and this is liberating.