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Books, Articles and Qualifications

1. Neurological Evidence of a Mind-Body connection: MUNDFULNESS AND Pain Control
The American Journal of Psychiatry journal, April 2018
Raymond St Marie, MD., Kellie S. Talebhah, MS

2. Effects of Diaphragmatic myofascial release on gastroesophageal reflux disease: a preliminary randomized controlled trial
I. Martinez-Hurtado et al.(2019)9:7273 //

3. Effect of manual approaches with osteopathic modality on brain correlates of interoception : an fMRI Study Raymond S
(2020) 10:3214 //

4. The Dynamic relationship between emotional and physical states: an observational study of personal health records
Ye-Seul Lee et al.Neuropsychiatric Disease and treatment 2017:13 411-419

5. Olfactory inputs modulate respiration-related rhythmic activity in the prefrontal cortex and freezing behavior
Andrew H Moberly (2018)9:1528 // DOI: 10.1038/S41467-018-03988-1; www/

6.What is Narrative-based Medicine?
George Zaharias
Canadian family Physician / volume 64: March 2018

7. Sticks and Stones: the impact of language in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
Michael Stewart
J Ortho Sports Phys Ther 2018; 48(7): 519-522. DOI 10.2519/jospt.2018.0610

8.Promoting the use of Self-management strategies for people with Persistent Musculoskeletal Disorders: the role of Physical Therapists
Nathan Hutting
J Ortho Sports Phys Ther 2019; 49(4): 212-215. DOI. 10.2519/jospt.2019.0605

9. Energy medicine: Current Status and Future Perspectives.
Christina L Ross
Global Advances in Health AND Medicine vol. 8 1-10. Doi 10.1177/2164956119831221

10. Emotions in Motion: Myofascial interoception
Bruno Bordoni Fabiola Merelli
Complimentary Med Res 2017; 24: 110-113 doi 10.1159/000464149

11. The Awareness of the Fascial System
Bruno Bordoni Marta Simonelli
Cureus 10(10):e3397 doi 10.7759/cureus.3397

12. Sensing the Body in Chronic Pain: A Review of psychophysical studies implicating altered body perceptions
A Tsay
Neuroscience and Behavioral Review 52(2015) 221-232

13. A review of analgesic and emotive breathing: a multidisciplinary approach
Bruno Bordoni
Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare 201:9 97-102

14. Rhythms of the body, rhythms of the brain: Respiration, neural oscillations, and embodied cognition
Somogy Varga, Detlef H Heck
Consciousness and Cognition 56(2017) 77-90

15. Vagal Tone and the physiological regulation of Emotion
S Porges, Nathan A Fox. (NICABM Brain 2013)

16. A New Concept of Biotensegrity incorporating liquid tissues, blood and lymph
Bruno Bordoni
J Evid Based Integr Med. 2018, 23:2515690-18792838. 10.1177/2515690X18792838

Others by Bruno Bordoni - include:
-Biotensegrity or Fascintegrity
-The indeterminable resilience of the fascial system
-Meaning of the solid and liquid fascia to reconsider the model of biotensegrity
-Understanding firbrobalst in order to comprehend osteopathic treatment of the fascia
-Fascial preadipocytes: another missing piece of the puzzle to understand fibromyalgia

27. Biotensegrety: What is the big deal?
Scarr, Graham
Journal of Bodywork and Movement therapies

18. Fascial tissue research in sports medicine: from molecules to tissue adaptation, injury and diagnostics: consensus statement
Matina Zugel et al.

Books 1. Breath Mastery Dan Brule
2. Just Breathe Dan Brule
3. Recognizing and treating Breathing Disorders (2nd edition) Chaitow, Bradley and Gilbert
4. Eastern Body Western Mind Anodea Judith
5. Your body speaks your mind Debbie Shapiro
6. Reclaiming your body Suzanne Scurlock Durana
7. Breathe Well Be Well Robert Fried, PhD
8. the energy code Dr E Manga
9. Evolve your brain Dr J Dispenza
10. The biology of belief B Lipton
11. Healing Power Of breath R P Brown / P L Gerbarg
12. Mindfulness for Health Vidyamala Burch and Danny penman
13. The Breathing book Donna Fahri
14. Breathing the Rhythm of Success Viola Edward

Academic Qualifications:

1. Bachelor of Science degree (Medical Cell biology), University of Witwatersrand 1993-1995

2. Bachelor of Science, Honours, Physiotherapy, University of Watersrand, 1996-1998

3. OMPGT 200

4. Breathwork Foundations, 2017 and Advanced Practitioners Course 2019-2020, Breathwork Africa

Clinical Experience:

1 Centre for Sports Medicine, Rosebank, 1999-2000, employed by D Leicher, E Speechly and D Davidson

2 Lived in United Kingdom, London, end of 2000-2004, whereby I held various outpatient, musculoskeletal positions within the NHS. (South-West London)

3 2004- returned from London and worked for both K Modlin and A Stevens in their private musculoskeletal practices in both Fourways and Melrose Arch.

4 I opened my own private practice Physiotherapy practice within Family Physicians, Parkmore Medical rooms, 2005-2006

5 Thereafter, I moved my physiotherapy practice to my home addresses of 15 Maxwell Macdonald St Glenadrienne and now, 97 South Ave, Atholl, where I have held separate practices spaces in both cases.

6 So, in total I have been a practicing private musculoskeletal physiotherapist for 22 years.